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Rewards & Loyalty

Welcome to the Good Manners Club

A rewards and loyalty program to reward the good mannered people who shop with us, 'cause why not? :)

First of all - THANK YOU for shopping with us! PLEASE know that we are absolutely thrilled to have you on board with us and we hope to keep you happy while you're here. (If you're not, we'd love to know why, please chat us up!)

It's straightforward, no gimmicks. Earn points, accumulate points and exchange them for vouchers. Every now and then, we drop extra points for completed tasks, which may vary depending on your progress in the program.

Get first dibs on new launches, VIP access to sales and insider benefits from our brands and partners.


Join the program (it's free) by creating an account


Earn points for every purchase

S$1 spent = 1 PTY point


Use points to redeem vouchers and rewards

Grow with us and enjoy benefits!

Adulting is tough, but you can always be a kid at heart :) 

All Good Manners Club tiers enjoy benefits and are entitled to earn points for every purchase. Advance to the next tier for more benefits.

Got questions? Find out more here :)