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好好玩神奇的生命立体书 (Amazing Life Pop-up Books Series - Set of 4)


If your child is an avid animal lover, this series would definitely be their favourite bedtime stories! We never fail to be amazed by the crazy and intricate pop ups.

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Who PlantedThe Cherry Tree?

traces the life journey of a humble cherry seed to a blossom cherry fruit tree through the four Seasons . That's no better way to teach about the life cycle of plants than with a storybook.The childlike and lovely illustrations captured the attention of the kids till the very last page and they will be surprised to find out who planted the cherry fruit tree.



我不要变大怪物 Monsters Beware
This story is about the journey of a group of tadpoles reuniting with their mother. Confused about their true identities, they faced rejections, dangers and self doubt along the way. “小蝌蚪,穿黑衣,圆圆的脑袋大身体,摇摇尾巴像精灵!” The catchy nursery rhymes throughout the book never failed to bring the story to life and will definitely capture your child's  heart.

毛毛虫去哪儿了 The missing caterpillar
Learn about the amazing transformation of a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. A strong friendship was formed between the snail and caterpillar when they met at the beginning. However, their friendship was tested when the caterpillar started to "ignore" the snail and live in its own world. This misunderstanding continued to strain their relationship. Will they be able to reconcile and reunite?

我们长得不一样 Same Same But Different
This book explores the differences between a chick and a duckling as they possess inherently different traits despite having similar appearances. The ducklings faced many setbacks while attempting to catch worms in the soil while the chicks are eating to their hearts’ content. However, the chicks can only look from afar while the ducklings are happily splashing water in the pond. Indeed, we are all different in our own unique ways and we can’t compare our weakness with others’ strengths. 


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