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小人儿帮手.工程车系列 (The Little Workers Series Edition 2 - Set of 2)


The Little Workers’ Edition 2 is here! This time round is more action packed as they embarked on more adventures! Let's see how they rescue an overturned tortoise and also help to deliver a lunch box to a little boy going to a school excursion.

It is a great series to train our children’s observation skills. One thing I like about Japanese illustrators is that they are very detail-oriented and do you know that every machinery in the book is drawn to scale?

Moreover, this series scores points simply by having an excavator on the cover! This series features a group of little people, working together on their big machinery to accomplish ordinary tasks.

Author: Nakagawa Chihiro
illustrator : Junji Koyose
Translated From: Japanese
Translator : 张东汇
Format: Hardcover books
Suitable age: 1-4years old

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