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幸福小鸡 (The Little Happy Chicks Series - Set of 6)


Join the happy little chicks and their parents as they find simple joy and bliss in family moments - in going to the supermarket, in celebrating birthdays, in visiting the Grandmother - and learning that happiness can be found in our everyday lives.

Book series include:

1) 幸福小鸡逛超市 Happy Little Chicks Go To the Supermarket

2) 幸福小鸡过圣诞 Happy Little Chicks Celebrate Christmas

3) 幸福小鸡去游园 Happy Little Chicks Go to the Amusement Park

4) 幸福小鸡过生日 Happy Little Chicks Celebrate Their Birthday

5) 幸福小鸡去露营 Happy Little Chicks Go Camping

6) 幸福小鸡去外婆家 Happy Little Chicks Go to their Grandma's

Suitable age: 2- 5years old

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