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抱抱 (Hugs)


Wordless picture books are harder to “ read” as it depends a lot on the readiness of the reader to bring the story to life. This classic wordless picture book 《抱抱》 has only a few repetitive words like “ 抱抱”,“妈妈” 和 “宝宝”. But this is also the kind of book that gives parents and children the freedom and space to author and recreate their own story. That will require their creativity, observation skills, and logical thinking. If they are observant enough, they can identify the emotional coaster the little monkey experienced after venturing into the jungle alone. From excited, anxious, envy, disappointment, sad, surprised, happy and thankful. These are familiar feelings that our little ones can relate to. This is a kind of book where you can adjust the level of engagement as your child develops and grows.

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