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Beeswax Stick Candles (Set of 10)

$10.00 $16.90

Handmade in Russia, we finally found these 100% beeswax candles with fun, coloured cotton wicks that don’t look tacky. We love that playful tinge of colours on the wicks!

Comes in a pack of 10. Beeswax candles take a long time to burn, this means these candles are good for reusing birthday after birthday, after birthday :)

Benefits of beeswax candles:

  1. Longer burning time: Solid beeswax candles burn longer than regular paraffin or soy candles. This means you can afford to let you kiddo sing Happy Birthday on loop without worrying about the candle(s) burning out :P

  2. Soot free: Beeswax candles burn cleanly and have no added fragrances or colourings.

  3. Cleans the air: As beeswax candles burn they pull toxins as they ionise the air. Negative ions bind with toxins which helps remove them from the air providing a cleaner environment for you and your family.

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