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Raduga Grez New Waves Arc Powder


A New Era of Arcs. This toy will suit you if you like open-ended toys, don't want your child to assemble from a pattern, and if you've already seen the usual arcs too many times and want to be different. The delicate curves give more playability and beauty. The arcs are made with great craftsmanship. They are larger than our classic arcs. 

Our arcs are like the lace in artists' paintings, like the frosty pattern on the windows of northern countries, like the pattern of sand that the wind has laid out in the desert. We have painted them in delicate non-gendered colors of clay, silk ribbons, stone, sand, snow. Build your own Zada Hadid-inspired creation with them. 

How to play

- Build balancing structures of different shapes

- Create tunnels and garages for rolling toys, homes for toy animals

- Outline details on paper with a pencil, colour them and create a poster

- Put several arcs on top of your head and try to walk through the room

- Build bridges across the textile / paper river or railway

- Make the hills and walk your fingers along them

- Find architectural projects of Zaha Hadid, discuss how she uses wave elements

- Watch videos of surfers gliding through the waves, dream together on a travel list

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