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Tnin Golden Lane - Grey

$25.00 $49.90

Made in Brazil - these are the most eco-friendly shoes around - made with 100% recycled canvas from textile scraps and PET bottle.

The canvas material is made of textile waste that are transformed into new fabrics. Yarns from PET recycling are also applied in production, along with yarns from recycled cotton. Each meter of the fabric produced eliminates 480 grams of textile waste and eight environmental pet bottles.

The outsoles are made with great care from Brazilian rubber and some styles with rubber leftovers from Tnin’s own production, offering functional models and comfortable non-slip rubber outsole. The insoles are made with “I’m green” EVA Green EVA using bio based raw material, sugar-cane.

These sneakers are all glued with non-toxic, water-based glue.

Each pair of shoes comes in a hemp cotton bag. No shoe box will be given.

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