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About Us

From Our Home, To Yours

Stemming from a basic belief that all good things should be shared, we've searched the globe for the best brands and products that are great for our children, kind to the earth - so that you don't have to. Tried and tested in our own homes before they go to yours :)

the backstory

Born out of love and exasperated amusement with her little human who gets his way with these impeccably timed magic words and an impish smile, this mother believes - everything (especially parenting!) is made better with good manners.

Just like these magic words add a little sparkle to seemingly endless rough days, here at Please, Thank You we strive to bring you stylish and functional children’s lifestyle products that bring respite from tantrums and meltdowns, making everyday parenting more fun and enjoyable.

Hopefully, life’s a little (if not a lot) better with Please, Thank You :)

Our Commitment to Sustainability