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Londji Good Night


Our dreamy friends go to sleep. Who wears the same pyjamas? Who sleeps in my house? Where is the monster under the bed? Good night!

A game that can be played in three different ways:

1. Memory game
With all the characters in their beds, you have to find the characters wearing the same pyjamas.

2. The families
Using the house-shaped cards, the goal for each player is to find all the members of a family in onemembers of a family in a single turn.

3. The monster under the bed
The objective is to find out where the monster is hiding under the bed.
In this game we need a head player, who will be in charge of hiding a monster and answering with "yes" or "no" the questions of the other players, for example: "The monster under the bed is in a penguin's bed?

A beautiful board game for the youngest members of the family with 3 modes of play: memory, matching and deduction. A sustainable game made with great care.

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